Jon MacKay



Recent Education

  1. PhD, Management Sciences, University of Waterloo

  2. Masters (2007) Economics, Co-operative Option, University of Waterloo,

Research Interests

  1. Network theory

  2. Corporate governance

  3. Public policy and business

  4. Regional economic analysis

  5. Collusion in regional labor markets

  6. Quantitative methods


Jon MacKay

Email: jon [at]

Here’s a somewhat up to date CV.


In brief

I am currently an Affiliated Researcher of the Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation (WICI) at the University of Waterloo. I’m also lecturing at neighboring Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU).

My research interests involve network theory, corporate governance/the revolving door and collusion amongst firms in regional labour markets.

Professionally, I have consulted with government and NGOs. I’ve also worked in the microsimulation and modeling division of Statistics Canada as an economist and programmer. Prior to this, I was a software developer at Research In Motion (now BlackBerry). I have also consulted with government and industry.


Collusion in Labor Markets

I’ve just finished an extensive research project on collusion in regional labor markets. My co-author and I examined a panel of job changes between firms in a region over time. Part way through our sample a group of firms colluded to deter workers from changing jobs. We examined this network and develop a series of heuristics to (i) detect systematic changes in labor markets that could be indicative of collusion, and (ii) based on changes in the flow of workers determine which firms were likely engaged in collusion.

Ideological Networks in Politics

Our paper partisan infighting within the Republican Party has been recently published in Legislative Studies Quarterly (click image above). You can find an op-ed on our work at the Globe and Mail.