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Student opportunities


Research assistant position

I currently have funding for a research assistant to help with an ongoing project. See below for more.

Identifying policy positions about cybersecurity and privacy: A computational social science approach

This research is concerned with identifying themes about cybersecurity and privacy in committee discussions by legislators in the United States House of Representatives and Senate committees. The RA for this project will further develop their quantitative and qualitative skills through a text analysis of a large corpus of transcripts from these committees. The project lead will have performed a preliminary text analysis by the time the RA begins on the project. The RA will be responsible for further developing this work. They will write code in R or python to clean, process and engage in exploratory data analysis of text data. They will also engage in qualitative analysis of the textual data to help identify themes.

You can see this add on the University Scholarships website (posting available after June 16th, 2020)


I'm interested to supervise students interested in business analytics, and issues at the intersection of privacy, cyber-security and technology.

If you have something you want to pursue contact me.

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