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Jon MacKay

Lecturer, Business Analytics
Information Systems and Operations Management
University of Auckland

Business Analytics

I teach business analytics at the University of Auckland.

In a nutshell, business analytics is about using data and statistics to make better-informed decisions to benefit your business. 


My research interests are at the intersection of analytics, business and government. Often my projects are quantitative in nature. Other times, my research considers the broader implications of technology, the companies that create it, and their impact on society.

My latest paper, “Fox in the Henhouse: The Delegation of Regulatory and Privacy Enforcement to Big Tech,” is co-authored with William Bendix, Assistant Professor of International Relations and Intelligence at Dakota State University. We argue that in cases where illegal activity has little chance of being discovered, the big tech firms tend to ignore FTC demands for enforcement – a decision made easier because of the small size of fines relative to their annual revenues. In cases where there is an alarm mechanism – cases where the public becomes aware of a violation and the press amplifies their concerns – legislators are more likely to be brought in and the FTC is more likely to act.


ISOM Department


My teaching is concerned with business analytics, predictive analytics and big data and machine learning.

I teach in the business analytics program for undergraduates.

If you're looking for a career change, find out more about the Master of Business Analytics program.

Consulting services


Do you have a business problem that you're unable to solve? Or a situation you think could be improved but you're not sure exactly how?

I have consulted with business, government and NGOs. I'm happy to talk about your business problems. Feel free to contact me.

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