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Leaving the University of Auckland was one of the most difficult decisions of my career. I've had an amazing time as a faculty member at the Business School over the past few years. I’m sad to leave, the terrific students, and all the good friends we’ve made there. We've now returned to Canada to be closer to our extended family. It will also be great to reconnect with good friends in the northern hemisphere! I'm #OpenToWork in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and surrounds for academic or business analytics-related work.
Please feel free to email me or reach out on LinkedIn.
For now, I will leave this website up.


Jon MacKay

(Previous) Lecturer, Business Analytics
Information Systems and Operations Management
University of Auckland

Business Analytics

I teach business analytics at the University of Auckland.

In a nutshell, business analytics is about using data and statistics to make better-informed decisions to benefit your business. 



As a researcher with a background in information systems, economics, and management sciences, my main area of interest is understanding the impact of emerging technologies on organizations, markets, and society. My interdisciplinary background has allowed me to approach research from different perspectives, with a deep understanding of the economic, management, and technical aspects of information systems.


ISOM Department


My teaching is concerned with business analytics, predictive analytics and big data and machine learning.

I teach in the Business Analytics program for undergraduates. I also teach on the Master of Business Analytics program.

Consulting services


I have consulted with business, government and NGOs. Feel free to contact me.

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