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My research interests focus on technology and society, especially the intersection between technology and public policy.

Technology and society


Fox in the Henhouse: The Delegation of Regulatory and Privacy Enforcement to Big Tech

Bendix, William, and Jon Mackay. 2022. “Fox in the Henhouse: The Delegation of Regulatory and Privacy Enforcement to Big Tech.” International Journal of Law and Information Technology XX (September): 1–20.

Data analytics and New Zealand's reponse to Covid-19

Openness and data sharing during the COVID-19 pandemic

MacKay, J. 2021. “Re-connecting the public service: Openness and data sharing during the COVID19 pandemic.” In J. Toland (Ed.), From Yesterday to Tomorrow: 60 Years of Tech in New Zealand. 

Data discovery challenge coming soon

Data Discovery Challenge

MacKay, J. 2022. Data Discovery Challenge Using the COVID-19 Data Portal from New Zealand. Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education, 30(2): 187–190. 

Network theory and analysis

These papers bring computational methods to bear on topics ranging from history, trade and politics. Despite the diverse topics, all of these papers reflect my interest in network theory and analysis. This was the area of interest for my dissertation.

Changing patterns in Canadian Trade

MacKay, J. 2019. “Explaining Declining Economic Complexity in Canada: An Examination of Oil and Automotive Exports.” In M. S. Bonham (Ed.), Trade-Offs: The History of Canada-U.S. Trade Negotiations (1st edition): 147-170. Toronto, Canada: Canadian Business History Association.

Partisan Infighting

Bendix, W., Mackay, J. 2017. “Partisan Infighting Among House Republicans: Leaders, Factions, and Networks of Interests” Legislative Studies Quarterly, 42(4): 549-577.

Canadian Regional and National Business Elites in 1912

Mackay, J. 2017. “Canadian Regional and National Business Elites in 1912: Who Was Connected, Who Wasn’t and Why?” A History of Socially Responsible Business, c.1600-1950: 189-212. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, United Kingdom.

Dealing with big data

MacKay, J. 2017. “Dealing with Big Data and Network Analysis Using Neo4j and Python” Programming Historian. Programming Historian is both a peer-reviewed book and a website that remains open to contributions from the academic community.

Network theory

MacKay, J. 2015. “Network Theory.” The SAGE Encyclopedia of Corporate Reputation, edited by Craig Carroll. Thousand Oaks, CA, USA: SAGE.

This journal article is the result of my independent project during my master's degree in Economics. The paper uses a regional economic analysis technique called shift-share. The method lacks any specific mechanism to account for regional connectedness. This caused me to become more interested in network analysis.

Regional employment changes

Brox, J., Carvalho, E., and MacKay, J. 2010. “Regional Employment Changes in a Booming Resource Economy: A Modified Shift-Share Analogue Regression of Changes in Employment Patterns Within the Economic Regions of Alberta.” Canadian Journal of Regional Science, 33(2): 25-44.

Op-Ed Articles

Republican infighting key for candidate Trump

This op-ed is based on our Partisan Infighting paper, above.
MacKay, J., Bendix, W. 2017, March 26. “Republican infighting key for candidate Trump. Now it’s a roadblock.” The Globe and Mail. Toronto, Canada.
Link to op-ed
See the PDF version of the op-ed here.

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