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Invited talks


Courses taught

My teaching is concerned with business analytics, predictive analytics and
big data and machine learning.

Courses developed* and taught
Taught at University of Auckland:
• Big Data and Machine Learning* (BUSAN 302), Business Analytics, IS undergraduate
• Predictive Analytics* (BUSINFO 704), Master of Business Analytics.
• Business Analytics* (BUSDEV 731), Master of Business Development.  
• Quantitative Analysis (MAORIDEV 733), Māori Development Dipl.  
• Decision Making Under Uncertainty* (BUSMBA760), Master of Business Admin.
• Introduction to Business (BUS 102), Business undergraduate program.
• Quantitative Analysis (BUS 712), Business Masters program.

Taught at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada:
• Digital Creativity (DH 101), Digital Humanities program.  

Doctoral supervision
• Co-supervisor with Laszlo Sajtos of Wen Zhang, “Interconnectedness in customer employee-robot triads.” Department of Marketing, University of Auckland.

Undergraduate supervision (independent research course)
• Co-supervised with Gehan Gunasekara (Associate Professor, Commercial Law) of
Aya Yamaguchi-Murray, “The Encryption Dilemma: Why Are We Still Debating Over Backdoors?” Department of Information Systems and Operations Management.

Teaching evaluations
Here is my latest evaluation for Predictive Analytics (BUSINFO 704), a core methods course for the Masters of Business Analytics at the University of Auckland. 
Invited talks

Invited talks

See videos of some of my invited talks from 2019 and 2017.

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